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Forgiveness: Bonus Track

This past April we had our second annual Mac Powell & Friends concert. One of our special guests was Jenna Kuykendall. Jenna premiered one of her songs, Wait for You at our concert for the first time. Jenna wrote Wait For You from the perspective of two separate parties who want to forgive each other, and yet […]


Forgiving Your Spouse

{This is the fifth article in this week’s series on Forgiveness. Click here to read other articles in the series, including The Justice of Forgiveness, What If I Refuse to Forgive?, Family Forgiveness, and Revenge or Forgiveness?} It’s Not Hard When Things Are Great Brian knew all about forgiveness, having been raised in the evangelical church where his parents were active and […]


Family Forgiveness

{This is the fourth article in this week’s series on Forgiveness. Click here to read other articles in the series, including The Justice of Forgiveness, What If I Refuse to Forgive?, and Revenge or Forgiveness?} Forgiveness Is Something We Do We often think of forgiveness as something that happens only internally, in the heart, without realizing […]



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