NEW Playground

The Oak Hill Children’s Ministry is about to have a new playground! Thanks to some help from church members we were able to purchase a playground at almost 60% off it’s original price. We are excited about this new equipment and we hope you will be as well.



  • When: The new playground set should arrive by Christmas and we are planning to install it in January.
  • Installation: The playground will cost about $8,000 to install and prepare the playground (mulch, drainage, cement, border, and assembly)
  • Cost: The playground cost us around $26,000 including shipping and tax. Which is 60% less than it’s original price tag.


We need your help to raise the funds for this new playground. If you would like to contribute you can give via text message. Simply send a text to 770-467-3444 that include the amount and the keyword “play.” Or you can write a check on Sunday and designate it toward the playground. Or you can give online at the link below.

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