Bob Reccord – Transitional Pastor

Interview with Bob Reccord

We sat down and recorded an interview with Bob to help you get to know him, his wife, his heart for Christ, and his desire to serve Oak Hill. We encourage you to watch the entire video as Bob shares something that is especially meaningful for him towards the end of the interview. Join us on January 1st as Bob comes to preach at Oak Hill for the first time.


At the age of 19, Bob Reccord surrendered his life to Jesus Christ, compelled to make a difference in the life of others because of the difference Christ had made in Him. Believing that Christ had called him both to a personal relationship with Him, and an exciting personal mission alongside Him, Bob has served Christ in several different venues.

In 2006, Bob founded Total Life Impact Ministries, Inc.  serving as Chairman and which his wife, Cheryl leads as President. Whether through Marriage ConferencesWild Game Dinners, worship services, or workplace ministries, Bob challenges people from all around the world to Live a Life that Matters. Believing that every life is made to count, Bob has spoken for pregnancy centers, who fight to protect LIFE across the nation.

Simultaneously to his work with Total Life Impact Ministries, Bob has served in with other non-profits in executive positions.

Bob was the President/CEO of Hope for the Heart Ministries based in Plano, Texas. Hope for the Heart develops resources to equip people to biblically deal with the life issues which so regularly trip up individuals, marriages, families, relationships and organizations. These resources bring biblical hope and practical help for life transformation both in the USA and in 30 languages and 68 countries. Hope for the Heart serves individuals, families, churches and Christian ministries,

Before going to Texas, for almost five years Bob was the Executive Director for the Council for National (CNP), in Washington, D.C. CNP’s mission is to restore and sustain America’s freedoms by providing a forum for conservative leaders across a broad array of disciplines to deepen their understanding of the great spiritual, economic, constitutional, and national security issues confronting the nation. In short, CNP seeks to advance the “First Principles” of this nation’s Founding Fathers calling our nation back to its Constitutional foundations.

Bob’s previous roles include nine years as the leader of Southern Baptist mission efforts in North America. He oversaw 5000+ missionaries, one of the top three disaster relief entities  in the country and a radio/TV network.  During those years the FEMA-trained volunteers grew from 13,000  to over 52,000  and donations rose from $2 million to over $24 million, and 14,350 churches were started in the United States, its territories and Canada.

During 1995 and 1996 Bob led the Implementation Task Force of the Southern Baptist Convention, whose task was to implement the restructuring of the SBC preparing it for the 21st century. This complicated and lengthy process ended successfully with the overwhelmingly supportive vote of the SBC to fully implement all changes. Bob fulfilled this role while simultaneously pastoring one of the SBC’s leading churches…First Baptist Church of Norfolk, Virginia. Previously he served as senior pastor of Bell Shoals Baptist Church in Brandon, Florida and co-pastor at Carmel Baptist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina prior to that.

Earlier in his professional journey Bob served as a business executive working with automotive, computer and aeronautic industries. During that time he served bi-vocationally helping churches grow and speaking on “how to take your faith to work.”

Dr. Reccord (Bob) has authored nine books which include Beneath the Surface, Forged by Fire, Made to Count and his latest A Heart For Adventure (available in ebook), Bob is an avid hunter, outdoorsman, and is one of Christian Sportsman’s Fellowship’s Master Sportsmen writing regularly for their Christian Sportsman’s magazine.  Whether as a pastor, businessman, husband or father, Bob has dedicated his life to helping people discover their calling and to effectively develop and exercise their passion for God and His mission to change the world.