Oak Hill has a heart to fulfill the Great Commission. We desire to reach our community and our world with the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it’s redeeming love.

Our Purpose

The Great Commission of Christ serves as a calling for every Christian to reach out to others with the gospel message and acts of love. At the same time, the Bible declares that a person’s highest purpose is to glorify God. With these principles in mind, the purpose of Oak Hill Missions is to “glorify God by:

  1. sharing the gospel,
  2. strengthening the Church of Jesus Christ, and
  3. relieving the suffering of the poor, the widows, and the fatherless.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see every member of Oak Hill passionately using their spiritual gifts, talents and resources through Oak Hill Missions.



Missions ministry is not a go-it-alone proposition. In fact, one of the great joys of the Christian faith is to build lasting friendships by serving along side fellow believers. Through Oak Hill Missions, strategic partnerships are established locally, regionally, nationally and abroad. These partnerships create opportunities for your involvement and to extend the ministries of our church for the benefit of our partners and to the glory of God.

Getting Involved

We realize that every church member cannot possibly be involved in all the ministries of the church. Yet, we believe all of us should be involved in Missions – using our spiritual gifts, talents, and resources.

Faith Promise

We encourage every family to financially support our Missions Faith Promise fund over and above their regular tithes. Financial contributions to the Faith Promise Offering support our missions partners and church members who go on mission trips. Through partnerships with other churches and mission organizations, there are many opportunities to get personally involved. No matter your age, skill, or background, God can use you to bless others and bring glory to Him.

We invite you to join the journey!

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