Giving Matters

Giving is one of the key ways that we worship at Oak Hill. God has given us His Son (Eph. 5:2), therefore, we give Him everything – including our money – as an act of adoration, trust, and honor (Rm. 12:1, 2 Cor. 9:6-12).

We honor and worship God when we give and utlimately we become more like His Son, Jesus. We give because:

  • It increases our intimacy and directs our attention and heart to Christ. (Matthew 6:21)
  • It increases our character, conforming us to Christ’s image as an unselfish giver.
  • It reminds us of the true ownership of ALL of our possessions. (I Chronicles 29:11-12)
  • It teaches us to trust and submit everything to God. (Deuteronomy 14:22-23)
  • It works as our greatest weapon against the idolatry of money and its illusion of power in our lives.

Ways To Give

There are several ways to give at Oak Hill. One of our newest ways to give is Smart Giving. Check out all of the ways you can worship God through giving below.

Smart Giving

Smart Giving is a new, simple, and secure way to give at Oak Hill using your smartphone. Just follow these steps.

  • Step 1 – Start a new text message to 770-467-3444
  • Step 2 – Enter the AMOUNT you want to give
  • Step 3 – Add a keyword (if you want) to designate your gift
  • Step 4 – Hit ‘Send’

If this is your first time you will be asked to register with a credit/debit card. Simply fill out the form and Kindred (our Smart Giving partner) will store your information securely for future gifts. To learn more about Kindrid click here.

Oak_Hill_Smart_Giving_screensAfter you’re done, save the number to your contacts as “Oak Hill Smart Giving.” After you’ve filled out the form for your first gift you can give anywhere and at anytime by simply texting the AMOUNT to 770-467-3444.

If you ever make a mistake you can text REFUND and receive a full refund of your most recent transaction. AND you can always edit your information (to change cards) by texting EDIT to the 770-467-3444.

Available Keywords – (ex. $40 building):

  • building – for our Building Fund
  • missions – for our Missions Faith Promise Offering

Watch the video below for a quick tutorial. If you have any other questions or need help, just email Pastor Aaron Hill or call the church office at 770-227-5974.

[vimeo width=”600″ height=”400″][/vimeo]

Give Online with My Oak Hill

Oak Hill has an online web portal called My Oak Hill. You will always find a direct link to My Oak Hill at the very top of the website, in the white menu bar. Sign in, click on the ‘Give’ tab, and follow the instructions.

If you are a new member or don’t have a profile, enter the email address we have on record and then create a password. Our system will match your personal info up and create a profile for you automatically. If we don’t have your email address you’ll need to contact the church office (770-227-5974) and we will manually set up a profile for you.

Inside My Oak Hill you will find instructions to make a one-time gift or to setup recurring gifts through your checking account.

Give Direct

Want to make a gift and do it quickly? Click our ‘Give’ link at the top of the website or here. Fill in the info, then click ‘continue.’ You can login to an existing profile or continue as a guest. Click either option, finish inputting your info, and make your gift to Oak Hill. It’s that easy.

Please note: If you choose to give as a ‘guest,’ you will not receive a tax statement, since your gift is anonymous.

Give with Square

Use your phone or debit card to give at our Square kiosk. You will find it next to the Missions Desk, on the way into the Worship Center. The giving kiosk is an iPad running Square Register and you can use it to give electronically, before or after the service.

Give by Bill-Pay/Mail

You can also set up one-time or recurring contributions through your checking account. Log into your checking or bank account online. Then go to your Bill-Pay tab. Create a new vendor and enter the information for Oak Hill. Configure the dates you want your gift(s) to be sent. You can create a monthly payment, or any interval that your bank offers.

Traditionally, all that is required to send a gift is to enter the church’s address (100 Lakeside Rd, Williamson, GA 30292) and phone number (770-227-5974). If your bank requires more information or you have any questions, you can contact Jodi Kemler at the church office (770-227-5974).