Tuesday Morning Women’s Bible Study

Join us Tuesday mornings for our Fall 2017 Semester in Bible study, worship, prayer and fellowship! By filling out the registration form below, you will help us to plan accordingly for books and childcare. You may also call the church office to reserve your spot at 770-227-5974.

  • Tuesday mornings, 9:30 – 11:30 am, August 8th – November 7th
  • Oak Hill Activity Center
  • Study books are $14 each, available on Tues Mornings
  • Childcare available by registration (opens at 9:15 am)


We will begin an exciting new study, “A Woman Who Doesn’t Quit: Five Habits from the Book of Ruth”, by Nicki Koziarz on August 8th….

Every woman will eventually face it: the temptation to give in and give up. But something transformative happens when a woman decides to persevere in the face of difficulty and pain. A woman who refuses to quit influences her world in ways she could never have imagined.

Unfolding over 6 sessions, Nicki Koziarz walks women through the Book of Ruth, focusing on the Moabite woman’s 5 practical habits that kept her eyes on God: Ruth accepted the assignment of refinement, followed through on her commitments despite her feelings, remained open to the movement of God, gave others what she needed, and moved forward in faith.



…followed by “Proven: A Study Through the Gospel of John”, by Jennie Allen, beginning on September 19th!

You Don’t Have to Prove Anything. Jesus Has Already Proven Everything. Too many of us walk through life feeling as if we don’t measure up. We always seem to thirst for more. We think if we could only work harder or be better, we could be enough. But the truth is, we will never be enough. And thankfully, we don’t have to be.

In this 8-session study, Jennie Allen walks through key passages in the Book of John to demonstrate how only Jesus is enough. We don’t have to prove anything because Jesus has already proven everything. Discover how our thirsty hearts can only be quenched by the Living Water.


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