Forgiveness: Bonus Track

This past April we had our second annual Mac Powell & Friends concert. One of our special guests was Jenna Kuykendall. Jenna premiered one of her songs, Wait for You at our concert for the first time.

Jenna wrote Wait For You from the perspective of two separate parties who want to forgive each other, and yet feel like they don’t  have the power to make it happen. Maybe you God has been convicting you about forgiveness. Maybe you need to forgive someone and the Holy Spirit is convicting your heart but you are afraid.

Click here to buy Jenna's song on iTunes.
Click here to buy Jenna’s song on iTunes.

I wrote this song from an outsider’s perspective, observing a relationship that was experiencing tension, and I was not even sure how best to pray for it. I was in the car by myself, driving to meet my daughter’s class on a field trip. I asked Jesus to help me pray, and to help me be an agent of reconciliation in whatever way possible. The tears and words began to flow simultaneously, and I couldn’t wait to park the car so I could hurry and sing the song into my phone, so as not to forget the new melody. I got home from the field trip and attempted, through tears, to play the song for Ben. We giggled at how awful I sound when I try to sing while crying. 🙂 We recorded it a few weeks later with our dear friend and producer Jason Hoard, and released it at the Mac Powell and Friends concert on April 10th. (excerpt from Jenna’s blog – to read more click here)

Read Jenna’s blog post on Wait For You and then watch the video of her performance from Mac Powell & Friends 2014 (below).

Click here to buy Jenna’s songs on iTunes, including Wait For You.

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